MDC Vacuum is now MDC Precision!

MDC will continue to service its current customers with the same rigor and focus it has always.  As the world accelerates through the fourth industrial revolution, MDC Precision is poised to expand its reach into additional markets.  As a result of this expansion, MDC needed a new name and brand to reflect these exciting changes.   

About MDC Precision

MDC Precision is a world leader bringing solutions to the areas of research, semiconductor, aerospace, life sciences, food processing as well as comprehensive design and manufacturing solutions to augment our customer’s needs. 

Our customers rely on us to provide the precision components that are required for operation at the atomic scale.  Our products are key to systems that produce semiconductors that are less than 20 atoms in size, physics apparatus that must see at the sub-atomic level, imaging of organic tissue at the cell level – all to enable science to change the world for the better. 

We enable innovation by bringing our expertise in vacuum science, ultrapure and ultra-hygienic materials fabrication, ceramic-to-metal sealing along with our design and manufacturing partnerships.

The world is accelerating into the fourth industrial revolution at an exponential pace with a fusion of the physical, digital and biological spheres.  Not only is the pace of the fourth industrial revolution unprecedented, it is requiring complex solutions to enable cities that think, cars that drive us, machines with the intelligence to learn and a society that is connected with information to lift humanity to a higher level of consciousness.   MDC Precision has been preparing for this era since it began in 1975.  We have built the technical depth, manufacturing agility, supply chain expertise, and learning organization to help your company thrive in Industry 4.0!



Create innovative solutions that enable our customer’s dreams to become products that improve society. 



MDC commits to providing products, solutions and services that set the industry standard for customer satisfaction in quality, delivery, and cost performance. Our goal is realized through teamwork involving customers, suppliers, and employees in continuous design and process improvements.



Customer First: “When our customer win, we win”  Customer → Company → Community

Integrity: We expect “Highest Level of Integrity to all stakeholders.

Transparancy: “Open honest objective communication to advance MDC”

Stewardship: To our stakeholders with commitment and dependability.

Learning Culture: “Embrace our global diversity in an environment that inspires, motivates, innovates.

Resolute: Extraordinary results with Passion, Energy, Determination, and Diligence


MDC Precision strives to make positive contributions beyond our industry and believes that we must ensure the sustainability of the communities and world we operate in.  MDC works with all communities through commitment, inclusion and transparency continually evolving ourselves and our stakeholders to the highest ethical standards.

ROHS Policy

Conflict Minerals Policy


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