Stainless Steel Bell Jar Chamber, 12" (304.8mm)

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  • Viton® Elastometer Gasket Vacuum Seal
  • Pyrex® Viewport PVP-4D with 4" (101.6mm) Diameter Viewing Area
  • Dome-Top Welded Hoist / Lift-Ring 

More Information

More Information
Material 304 Stainless Steel (SS)

MDC 304 stainless steel bell jars are designed for use with MDC flat baseplates, base wells and feedthrough collars. A dovetail groove in the jar’s base flange holds a Viton® elastomer o-ring gasket, which makes the vacuum seal with a baseplate or one of the  components previously listed. All stainless steel bell jars are fitted with a four-inch view diameter PVP-4 Pyrex® viewport. All vacuum welds are internal and provide UHV compatibility. For added convenience, all bell jars are fitted with a hoist or single top-center lift-ring that is welded to the chamber’s domed top. These chambers can be purchased with an optional electropolished finish.



Gasket, elastomer         Viton®


Gasket, elastomer         O-Ring

Method                          Gravity

Vacuum Range              1x10-6Torr

Temperature Range       Ambient to 150°C

Nominal Size                 12.00

Internal Diameter         12.00

Flange O.D.                    14.00

Height W/O O-Ring        12.00

Viewport Height              6.00

Weight (Pounds)            65.00

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