Flange 8" x 6"(203mm x 152.4mm), Rotatable, 304ss

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  • Complies with ISO 3669

  • UHV rated to 1x10-13 Torr mbar

  • High temperature rated to 450°C

  • Rotatable and non-rotatable geometries

  • OFE Copper or optional Viton® elastomer gaskets

  • Tapped or clearance bolt holes

  • Compatible with other manufacturers' Conflat® knife-edge flanges



  • Flanges               304ss (1.4301) or 316EFR (1.4429 ESU)

  • Gaskets                OFE Copper

  • Bolts                  300 stainless steel and 300ss silver Plated


  • Bolt type              Hexagonal or 12-point head

  • Nut type              Hexagonal or two-hole plate nuts

  • Size                  .312-24 UNF or M8

  • Torque                15 lb-ft or 20 Nm

Vacuum Range             1x10-13 Torr or below 10-13 mbar

Temperature Range       -2000C to 4500C

Weight                           12lb or 5.5kg maximum

Dimensions                   6.75”OD x 4.87”ID; 202.4mmOD x 156mmID maximum

Flange 8" x 6", Rotatable, 304ss
100031_fr_dxf (2.54 kB)
100031_sc_dwg (6.52 kB)
100031_fr_dwg (6.04 kB)
100031_sc_dxf (2.93 kB)
100031.stp (212.05 kB)

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Weight 0.500000
Bolt Hole Diameter 0.332 inch
Material 304SS (1.4301 | UNS S30400) Stainless Steel
Number of Bolt Holes 20
Vacuum Series Type Ultra High Vacuum Series
Bolt Hole Type Clearance
Flange Geometry Rotatable
Flange Size DN160CF 203mm | 8.00"
Flange Type Del-Seal CF ConFlat
Internal Diameter (ID) 6 Inch Nominal (5.812)
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