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  MDC is committed to protecting the planet as we innovate to create products that change the world.

Protecting the Planet

MDC has a strong sense of stewardship, and our corporate social responsibility focuses on protecting the holistic well-being of our customers, employees, partners, global communities and the planet as a whole. We are committed to protecting the planet through sustainability initiatives that address the impact our operations have on the environment. With a focus on energy efficiency, waste reduction and water conservation, all of MDC's global sites work to protect our planet while providing maximum value for our stakeholders. In addition to ensuring compliance with all applicable environmental statutory and regulatory requirements, we plan to invest in resources that promote the reduction of any negative impacts our industry has on the environment, including pollution prevention and the continual improvement of our overall environmental performance. MDC will continue to develop and implement environmental policies and programs that help:

  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • lower energy costs
  • achieve environmental impact reduction goals 


One of the most critical environmental challenges we face as an interconnected society is to address and mitigate the negative impact of global climate change. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)'s Better Climate Challenge calls for companies to reduce harmful carbon emissions by 50% by 2030. MDC is collaborating with customers and partners across the entire supply chain to develop innovative, clean energy transition solutions and implement best industry practices to meet these greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets and achieve a net-zero emissions economy by 2050. As part of our commitment to reduce enterprise-wide carbon footprint by at least 50% within 10 years, we are working to ensure that our global operations are sustainable, responsible and environmentally conscious. We will provide updates and share our progress and toward the goal of achieving carbon neutrality.


One third of greenhouse gas emissions originate from inefficient equipment, buildings and vehicles. MDC incorporates climate change mitigation measures, including energy efficiency improvements, into our everyday operations. To ensure that we are doing our part to reduce carbon footprint, we implemented an energy conservation action plan that includes:

  • installing automatic sensors and intelligent lighting systems
  • using more energy-efficient equipment

Along with implementing energy-efficiency programs, MDC plans to identify and adopt cleaner, cheaper renewable energy to help maximize resource conservation and reduce waste. Improving energy efficiency and shifting towards clean energy will help us build a more sustainable business and a more sustainable future for our planet.


MDC is committed to reducing our environmental impact and strives to achieve the ultimate environmental care code of “leave no trace.” Our sustainable approach includes these waste minization principles:

  • Reduce - or minimize as much as possible
  • Reuse - whatever we can
  • Rethink - what is really needed
  • Repurpose - find alternate uses
  • Recycle - the rest

Our waste reduction initiatives include miminizing everyday trash, reusing as much as possible before recycling the remaining resources. We will continue to

  • identify opportunities to minimize resource consumption
  • divert or repurpose materials
  • reuse others – whether they are reused within our own operations, or externally

These efforts will help eliminate waste, reduce operational costs and also align our business more closely with the circular economy


Water is critical to mitigating and adapting to the effects of climate change and is essential for a healthy society, environment and economy. Collaboration is critical to address shared water challenges. MDC is partnering with our customers and supplies to reduce water usage in our factories and alleviate water stress across our whole supply chain. We will continue to explore sustainable water innovations, including high-performing, water-efficient products and water-saving technologies that improve the efficiency of water systems in our factories.


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