Purpose / Vision / Mission / Values



  MDC is driving corporate growth while collaborating with our customers, employees and partners to make a positive social impact.  

Making Positive Social Impact

MDC embraces our corporate social responsibility. We believe that we achieve our greatest success by marrying purpose with progress and profit: "Do well by doing good." MDC strives to be a positive global force, and we continuosly work to deliver extraordinary value to all of our stakeholders: customers, employees, partners, vendors and global communities. Our vision and mission focus on how we can foster innovation and develop an agile business that enables positive social change and contributes to creating a more sustainable and equitable world. MDC's core values serve as foundational principles to drive our business and grow profitability while supporting the greater goal of improving society and changing the world.


MDC's purpose is enabling science to change the world through engineering and precision manufacturing.


Our ultimate vision is to create innovative solutions that enable our customers' dreams to become products that improve society.


MDC commits to providing products, solutions and services that set the industry standard for customer satisfaction in quality, delivery, and cost performance. Our goal is realized through teamwork involving customers, suppliers, and employees in continuous design and process improvements.


MDC's core values are deeply ingrained principles that guide all of our company's actions. They serve as our cultural cornerstones and the heart of what our company and employees stand for in the world.

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