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  MDC enables science innovations and technological advancements that contribute to improving society and changing the world.  

Promoting Best Practices & Principles

Best governance practices are the foundation for MDC's commitment to being an ethical and responsible global business. From our board of directors, leadership team to our employees, we hold ourselves accountable and support each other through a foundation of honesty, trust, and respect by:

  • strictly adhering to our Code of Conduct and Business Ethics principles
  • acting responsibly and seeking to support sustainability across our operations
  • promoting transparent decision-making processes across the company
  • continuing to evaluate and update our internal policies and procedures based on the most current regulations and best practices
  • exceeding our customers’ expectations by listening, responding promptly, and anticipating their needs

We will continue to implement across our organization principles of transparency, inclusiveness, consistency and accountability to promote positive societal impact and create collaboration and shared value


MDC strongly believes that good corporate governance helps us build an environment of trust, transparency and accountability necessary for fostering business integrity, long-term global economic growth and more inclusive societies. We work to build a solid management and policy framework, including board oversight, organizational structure and internal controls.


MDC team members act with the highest level of integrity and uphold a strict code of ethics in all activities and interactions to ensure our actions are consistent with our core values. The MDC Code of Conduct applies to all colleagues and provides guidelines on how we work with each other, as well as our customers, supplier partners, regulators, and other stakeholders. Our core values and ethics policies serve to guide and inspire everyone on the MDC team to achieve its highest potential each and every day.


One of MDC's core values is transparency: to build trust and teamwork through open, honest and objective communication. Transparent collaboration with stakeholders is essential to achieving our purpose. We engage with stakeholders through meetings, conferences, briefings, interviews and other events. our stakeholder engagement, and ensure that we provide full, fair, accurate, timely and understandable disclosures. 


MDC takes a best practices approach to corporate ESG policies and procedures. We are working with internal teams and external auditing organizations to ensure that we are documenting, monitoring and reporting on our governance, risk and compliance strategies following best industry standards and practices. We will share our progress in these areas with our stakeholders.


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