Butterfly Valves

MDC stainless steel vacuum butterfly valves easily actuate, requiring only one-quarter turn rotation of the handle to go from fully open to the fully closed position. Precision-engineered MDC quick-acting butterfly valves feature an improved sealing action, lighter weight requiring less support for improved cost-of-ownership.

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  1. ButterflyValve, HV, NW50
    ButterflyValve, HV, NW50
    SKU: 360013
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  2. ButterflyValve, HV, NW40
    ButterflyValve, HV, NW40
    SKU: 360012
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  3. ButterflyValve, HV, NW25
    ButterflyValve, HV, NW25
    SKU: 360011
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  4. ButterflyValve, HV, NW16
    ButterflyValve, HV, NW16
    SKU: 360010
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  5. 360002, Butterfly Valve, HV, 2" OD
    360002, Butterfly Valve, HV, 2" OD
    SKU: 360002
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  6. 360001, Butterfly Valve, HV, 2.75"OD
    360001, Butterfly Valve, HV, 2.75"OD
    SKU: 360001
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  7. ButterflyValve, HV, 1.33"OD
    ButterflyValve, HV, 1.33"OD
    SKU: 360000
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