Return Policy


How To Return A Part,  Assembly, Or Equipment Purchased From MDC Precision, LLC. 

Return Policy (Non-Warranty Claims): 

  1. All returns require pre-approval from MDC including an MDC-issued RMA authorization number.

  2. Unused standard catalog items may be returned within 30 days of the date of receipt subject to MDC’s return policy (see MDC’s terms and conditions of sale). Custom or special order items are not returnable.

  3. Returned items must be unused, 100% complete, and contain all original packing materials.

  4. Returned items are subject to a 25% restocking fee (non-warranty returns)

  5. Items should be returned prepaid. Collect shipments will not be accepted.

Warranty Repair Policy:

MDC will accept product returned for repair under warranty with shipping and repair paid for by MDC if the part meets MDC’s warranty criteria (see MDC’s terms and conditions of sale) and MDC has issued an RMA authorization number. 

Non Warranty Repair Policy:

  1. There will be up to a $500.00 evaluation charge for non-warranty repairs. This evaluation fee will be waived if the repair is authorized (repair cost accepted) by the customer.

  2. The evaluation fee plus applicable return shipping charges will be assessed for any returned item you elect not to repair. A $50 scrap fee will be applied to any returned item when the customer requests the item be scrapped. Items returned and not dispositioned by the customer after one year will be scrapped at the customer’s expense.

Procedures On Returning The Part, Assembly Or Equipment

  1. Contact MDC Precision, LLC RMA Coordinator, via email: to obtain a Return Material Authorization Number (RMA) for your equipment.

  2. Complete the MDC Return Material Authorization Form (03-11)

    1. It is important to note that the RMA Form is for MDC’s internal use only, and has no relationship to local, national or international transportation safety or environmental requirements.

    2. As the organization requesting the shipment of the item, the customer assumes all responsibility to ensure compliance with applicable legal regulations.

  3. Before returning products to MDC, clearly identify if hazardous substances were used in or produced by the items. This information is required to ensure the safety of everyone involved and will determine the procedures employed to properly service the products.

  4. A condition of returning MDC products is that the returned product must be free of hazardous materials, hazardous waste contamination, and any residual process materials as identified in the following specifications:

    1. D.O.T. specification 49CFR172 ( docs/aces/aces140.html)

    2. E.P.A. specification 40CFR261 ( 2sbl.html)

    3. Cal/OSHA specification 8CCR339

  5. For any product that may have been exposed to hazardous materials, pass an inert gas through the product and any accessories to remove all traces of hazardous gases.

  6. Remove all fluids and lubricants from products and accessories.

  7. Seal up all of the product's inlets and outlets (including those where accessories were attached) with blanking flanges or, for uncontaminated product, with sealing tape or similar material.

  8. Seal the returned items in a thick polythene/polyethylene bag or sheet.

  9. If the product is large, strap the equipment to a wooden pallet. Pack smaller items in a suitable strong box.

  10. E-mail a scanned copy of the original completed RMA Form (03-11) to the MDC RMA Coordinator. The RMA Form must arrive before the equipment.

  11. Give a copy of the RMA Form to the carrier who is shipping the item for you.

  12. Seal the original RMA document in a suitable, clear and weatherproof envelope. Attach the envelope securely to the outside of the equipment, pallet, or box.

  13. Assure that your RMA Number is CLEARLY visible on the outside of the package.

Ready to start a return?  Download our RMA form - Return Authorization Form.pdf

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