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Fundamental and high energy physics (HEP) / particle physics research provides deeper insight and understanding of the universe. This critical research is contributing immeasurable benefits to humankind through scientific advances and technological innovations that drive long-term global economic growth, improve the quality of life and change or even save our world.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, or Industry 4.0, is also driving societal improvement through advances in industrial manufacturing, connecting the entire supply chain in a global network or unified digital ecosystem.

Advanced research and industrial manufacturing processes require vacuum technology and instruments and equipment with the highest level of accuracy, precision and reliability. Small errors in a scientific model or a critical manufacturing process could turn into huge errors on a bigger scale. Precision, accuracy and reliability are also important in order to ensure safety as in the case of research or manufacturing for the healthcare / medical sector, where even the slightest miscalculations could result in injury or other serious outcomes.

Since 1975, MDC has been the premier partner to national labs and universities, as well as equipment manufacturers, who trust us to deliver the high vacuum (HV) and ultra-high vacuum (UHV) tools and technologies they need for advanced scientific research and robust industrial manufacturing. Developed from our vacuum, ceramic-to-metal sealing and MuMetal magnetic shielding technology expertise spanning the last six decades, our comprehensive solutions include:

In addition to our standard catalog products, MDC also provides industrial companies and research organizations custom design, rapid prototyping and precision production of chambers, fully integrated systems and sub-assemblies. We have a strong focus on quality and continuous improvement and will continue to innovate new products with the precision, purity and performance our customers need to maximize their subatomic experimental results and manufacturing output.

For more information about MDC’s comprehensive engineering design and manufacturing capabilities and how we can partner with you to optimize your latest research project or industrial production, contact the MDC team of experts or request a quote for custom parts today.

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