9272009, SHV-20 Coaxial Feedthrough, 1-Pin, Recessed, Grounded Shield, 1.33" CF (DN16 CF) Conflat Flange

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Voltage                                              20,000V DC maximum

Current                                               15 Amps per pin

Temperature Rating

Conflat (CF)                                      -200°C to 450°C

ISO & Kwik-flange (KF)                     -20°C to 150°C

Weldable                                           -100°C to 450°C

Air-side connector                             -65°C to 165°C

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VacOptix® seal technology has been developed for service in such demanding environments as corrosive chemical, cryogenic and ultra-high vacuum.  Only non-magnetic, low vapor pressure materials such as 304 stainless hardware and aluminum gaskets are employed to seal all available window materials.

Plane parallel windows are offered without anti-reflective coating.  Plano convex, plano concave and anti-reflective coatings are available upon on request at additional costs.

For special optical, chemical, pressure, cryogenic or vacuum needs please call technical sales

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Weight (lb) 1.00
Vacuum Series Ultra High Vacuum (UHV)
Voltage 20kV
Conductor Material Nickel
Connector Type Coaxial SHV-20
Current 15
DC(kV) Air 20
DC(kV) Vacuum 20
Feedthrough Type Coaxial
Number of Pins 1
Mounting Style Conflat Flange (CF)
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